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  • Introduction to Safeguarding Children On-Line

    This is a half-day training course which aims to gain an awareness of children’s use of the online world and the risks that this can present. The aim is to assist professionals and all who work with children to understand how children use the online world and how this can impact upon the safety and well-being of children / young persons.

  • Safeguarding Children with a Disability

    This is a full day training course which aims to raise the awareness of professionals in order that strategies may be applied that will safeguard and promote the welfare of disabled children.This course also requires you to have completed MSCB approved training in introductory or basic awareness safeguarding children within the last 3 years.

  • Children Missing from Home or Care

    This is a half day training course which will look at Vulnerabilities Factors that affect young children. What makes a child likely to go missing? The course will cover Missing from Home strategy meetings Safe and well checks and Independent Return Interviews as well as a Strength-based approach to working with children who go missing.

  • Forced Marriage & Honour Based Violence

    This is a half day training course which aims to raise awareness of Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence in order to improve appropriate response on recognition

  • Working with families affected by substance misuse

    This is a full days training course. To raise awareness regarding the impact of substance misuse on the continued well-being of children and young people.

  • Parental Mental Health and Safeguarding Children

    This is a full days training course to explore attitudes, values & existing knowledge about mental health including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, autism, personality disorder and psychosis.

  • Hidden Sentence (parent/carer imprisonment)

    Hidden Sentence (children affected by parental/carer imprisonment) This is a half day course delivered by Partner of Prisoners (POPS). Hidden Sentence training is designed to enable practitioners to gain the knowledge and understanding they need to develop services and better meet the needs of prisoner's families, particularly their children

  • Neglect Strategy and Multi-Agency Levels of Need

    This is a half day course. Manchester and its partners in the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership (GMSP) have refreshed and agreed a new Neglect Strategy. This briefing will consider our agreed Multi Agency Levels of Need and Response Framework with an emphasis on the importance of early help. There will be 3 of these briefings with 100 places available on each session.

  • Managing Risky Business - Managers Only Course

    This is a two day management course which is also suitable for Designated Safeguarding Leads. The aim of the course is to strengthen the culture of effective inter-agency management in safeguarding children. This course is delivered by an experienced external trainer and there are only 25 places available. The course will explore the impact of the current safeguarding context on a manager's role

  • Private Fostering - Half Day Course

    Do you know someone who is caring for somebody else’s child? Do you need to know more about Private Fostering? This half day briefing aims to raise awareness of Private Fostering, how this impacts children and how practitioners should respond.

  • Introduction to Safeguarding

    This is a one-day course. You should attend this course if you are in contact with children and young people and with adults who are parents and carers. This course covers the mandatory requirements of basic awareness training required for all those working with children and young people and should be refreshed every 3 years. This course meets the entry requirements for all all other MSB courses

  • Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse

    Domestic Violence and Abuse is prevalent across all areas in Manchester and Nationwide and is a common theme in many Serious Case Reviews. Two women a week in the UK die as a result of Domestic Violence and Abuse. Please apply for this course if you work with children and/or their families in Manchester and/or need to understand the Manchester strategy on DV&A.

  • Identifying and Responding to Sexual Behaviours in

    This half day course is delivered by Brook Manchester who are part of the Voluntary Sector providing sexual health advice to young people. This course aims to support professionals working with children and young people to identify, assess and respond appropriately to sexual behaviours. This course is suitable for anybody working with young people in Manchester

  • Child and Young Person Development

    This is a one-day course developed with nursing and social work professionals and includes a presentation by a Consultant Paediatrician. The course aims to provide workers with an understanding of normal child development in order that the potential of child abuse or neglect can be recognised. There is an emphasis on brain development including the significant changes in teenage years.

  • Learning from Serious Case Reviews

    One hour briefings will be arranged when a Serious Case Review is due to be published and/or when learning needs to be shared with our partner agencies and organisations. These are aimed at anyone who works with children and their families in Manchester and who will have some responsibility in cascading the learning back within their agency or organisation. Learning packs will be made available.

  • Management of Allegations (LADO) managers course

    This is a two hour briefing aimed at Managers and leaders working in the children’s workforce who have responsibility for managing allegations against adults who work with children or nominated safeguarding leads. The briefing aims to ensure that all participants understand the statutory guidance relating to the management of allegations against adults who work with children.

  • Child Sexual Exploitation

    This is a one day course delivered by members of the Protect Team and aims to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and how to appropriately respond.

  • Introduction to Loss, Grief and Bereavement

    This half day course is delivered by Child Bereavement UK. Their training is based on learning from bereaved families, helping professionals to understand the needs of distressed families and children, and how appropriate support can have positive benefits. Bereavement UK advise this course is not usually suited to anyone who has suffered a recent, significant personal loss or bereavement

  • Designated Person Safeguarding Training

    The Manchester Safeguarding Board do not deliver this training. Please contact the Learning and Events Team within Manchester City Council on 0161 227 3573 or email who organise this training

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